Article 13 – Speech

1. The purpose of this article is to ensure that freedom of speech is properly understood and instituted.

2. The American Universe fully subscribes to freedom of speech of individuals. Once a person is elected to an office, his/her freedom of speech is willingly subjected to the oath of office and the principles of The American Universe.

3. What does this mean? An individual cannot be limited by law to what he or she says, except as provided in current law which provides, among other, that nobody has the right to threaten the life or safety of the President of the United States and the doctrine of shouting “fire” in a crowded room, as examples.

4. Elected officials, on the other hand, have willingly limited their right to free speech to those utterances that support, protect and honor their oath of office. If elected officials want to criticize or speak against their oath of office, resign first and regain the right to speak freely.

5. The doctrine of “guarantee of freedom of expression” is hereby opposed as this makes the government the enforcer of a guarantee, while the Constitution only guarantees that Congress shall make no law that inhibits free speech, which is a negative benefit. Switching the negative to the positive puts the legal system in an unsustainable position as the guarantor of free speech, which is a mandate it never received.

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