Article 1 – Introduction

1. The articles of the TAU Constitution are given here to lay the foundation of a global initiative towards the gathering of all those inhabitants of the earth who agree with the principles that free people will always choose liberty, which will lead to prosperity and individual freedom as currently embodied in the U.S. Constitution, the framework for a free market, capitalist society embracing individual liberty above all.

2. The people trusted their futures to politicians and the press; the former to represent their constituents and the latter to hold the politicians accountable by practicing unbiased, objective journalism. Both these groups failed the people miserably and there is no option left for the people but to disregard the so-called “free” press that they would be objective and accountable to the people. Neither can the politicians be trusted to do the work of the constituents nor to remain faithful to their oaths of office without proper supervision and oversight by the people.

3. The American Universe will seek to bring all the people of the world who subscribe to a doctrine such as the American Doctrine, under one, common umbrella, which is proven, clear and well-defined. It will allow them to bring impeachment to those politicians who violate their oaths of office, or if the people so choose, to nominate and elect someone else in their place at the next election who will remain faithful to their oaths and promises.

4. The American Universe is not a political organization, nor is it aligned for or against any goverment particularly the government of the United States, but it is a voice and instrument of TAU Citizens who wish to make sure that their elected officials represent them honestly, openly, and with dignity. Citizens must be convinced that their will and expectations are met and pursued as they are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution.

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