Article 7 – Government

1.   The purpose of this article is to limit the scope of government to that which belongs to a good and responsible government.

2.   Government’s primary function is to protect the nation from harm and servitude, regardless from where the threat would originate, in a manner that assures the least damage, injury or harm to the nation.

3.   Government shall not make laws that spend effort or money for any purpose other than to serve its primary function.

4.   Government shall not make laws, or in any manner cause it to engage in free market commerce, own stock in corporations, make or guarantee loans, engage in investments, provide retirement benefits, insurance, assume other risks for any individual, group of individuals, corporations, or foreign entities.

5.   Government shall not make laws that discriminate between individuals for whatever reason. Nor shall government allow groups of people in any manner to be identified separately by race or origin from the citizenry of America, regardless of the purpose or merits of the differentiation.

6.   Government shall not employ people who are incapable of performing the duties of their offices. Persons in the government’s employ who become incapable of performing their duties, shall be retired, reassigned to more appropriate positions, or dismissed.

7.   Government shall not make laws that allow or compel government workers to organize themselves in labor unions.

8.   Government shall not make laws that allow it to subsidize, own, or support public education. Education belongs to the people and the people alone, therefore, education may never be in the domain or under the control of the government. Educated students are a valuable resource of the economy which necessitates the free market to determine the talents that are required for continued and prosperous application of intellectual assets.

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